A Happy and Peaceful Easter to All

“Make an Easter connection with your Cultural Heritage”

This Easter we are very pleased to announce the O’Doherty Keep project has been approved by the Heritage Council of Ireland to use the European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 brand label.

2018 has been specially designated- "The European Year of Cultural Heritage". While this is a European initiative it will no doubt be of interest to anyone connected to Ireland, interested in their ancestral history and cultural heritage. This European Year of Cultural Heritage year is designed to put a spotlight on our wealth of cultural heritage, and to involve all citizens in events that promote a sense of belonging. In this regard our Diaspora come very much to mind.

In launching this initiative the Chairman of the Heritage Council Michael Parsons said  “Heritage is our cultural identity, values and traditions that we have inherited from previous generations, live with today, and pass on to future generations. It belongs to all of us and we should all engage with it and contribute to its protection, enhancement and promotion. Our vision for the year is to lay the foundations for a more empowered and connected heritage sector, and better connected audiences.

We can only but fully agree with Mr Parson’s sentiments especially in the context of our endeavors to restore O’ Doherty’s Keep to bring this important Cultural Heritage project to fruition for the benefit of all. Many thanks for your continued support at home and abroad and for liking and sharing our news on social media.  May we wish you all a very Happy Easter.