Crowd Funding Sought for O’Doherty’s Keep Project 2017/18

 Dear Friends,

We hope by now you will have heard of our ambitious plans to restore the Keep. The aims are to reinstate the two original floors and roof, provide an authentic interpretative centre, café and develop the adjacent site. To achieve our goals we have started a crowd funding campaign and we are asking for your help.

The first step is to complete the vitally important and necessary Feasibility Study which will result in the production of the Conservation Plan for the Keep and surrounding site. This blueprint plan will then be implemented to bring the project to completion.

The cost of this work is estimated at 50,000 Euros. It is expensive because of the specialized inputs that are necessary to evaluate and study the Keep which will take 4-5 months to complete. 

If you can help by donating to this project your contribution no matter how small will make a difference and all funds will go directly into paying for the project. You can contribute here.

 On behalf of our Group I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this post and ask you to consider supporting our worthwhile initiative. Please like and share this post. Further information and regular updates can be obtained at:

In time we sincerely hope you will come and see what you have helped achieve.

Yours Truly,

Moya Jane O' Doherty,

O'Doherty's Keep Development Group.