Recent Keep Surveys Reveal Interesting History

We are glad to report since July several technical surveys have been carried out on the Keep with excellent progress made. The resulting survey reports so far indicate that we are on track to restore the Keep as a visitors centre in line with our plans.

Some interesting findings have been revealed by our experts regarding the Keep’s constuction over the centuries which include:

Period 1: Oldest period for which there is evidence - 15th/16th century

Period 2: Strenthening & additional fortification - 1601

Period 3: Burning (1608) & subsequent rebuilding - 1611

Period 4: Utilitarian use following construction of the “new” Buncrana Castle - 1718

Period 5: State Guardianship - substantial consolidation & repair; late 20th century.

We will keep you updated on further progress as we proceed into the New Year.

We also wish to thank you very much for your continued support of our beautiful 2019 fundraising Calendar. We are delighted with the response from every state in the United States and from as far away as New Zealand and Australia. Calendar ordering details are available here and on our Facebook page. Many Thanks!